Online collaboration tool and project management software principles with the latest technology to create a more effective and easier way for you to Coordinate, Share and Manage your projects.

The Idea

We believe many small and mid-size companies, organizations and individuals are not aware of the benefits of online collaboration tool. Apart from this, they too are having difficulties to own enterprise collaboration software which needs high maintenance cost and expertise. Hence, a powerful yet affordable online collaboration service is the best solution to fit in their needs. Our idea is to create an online collaboration workspace, called AJAXWorkspace which enables everyone to communicate, share information, create tasks and keep track of all the tasks' status.


Our Solutions

Home-based & Small-Medium Size Business

Corporate workspace allows you to have full control over a permanent group of people within the same workspace. This solution is best fit as an online collaboration tool or a project management software within any types of organization. There is no hardware/software to purchase, install or maintain. No client installation is needed, hence upgrades can be done seamlessly while users keep on enjoy using it. >> more

Enterprise & Government

Enterprise solution is a package made to meet the requirement for those who wish to deploy our collaboration tool internally in their organization while still being able to enjoy the complete features. The flexibility of AJAXWorkspace technology gives you the power to cost-effectively mold AJAXWorkspace to match your desired collaboration tool, without compromise. >> more

Free Online Collaboration Tool for NGOs

Inline with our community service's policy which is to make this world a better place for living, we are proud to announce that AJAXWorkspace is FREE for the following categories of NGO: Charitable, Welfare ans Voluntary. With this, we do hope that our software will ease the task of these NGOs. Hence, enable them to spend more time focusing on those who need helps. >> more

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